Memberships including some great TV channels like Showtime, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, CNN, ABC Family, NBC, Disney, Movies, Games & TV Shows & More.


Memberships Include :
  1. @mails sent to you when web site adds New Movies, TV shows. ECT.
  2. You can request TV Shows, Movies and receive @mail when posted. (when movie or show is available)
  3. Have Twitter account will tweet your account & become follower.
  4.  Aftermath TV  facebook.
  5. 1 Time Fee no hidden charges ($2.00)
  6. Request YouTube Videos / Movies to be added (will be looked at by site host before adding to site & @mail will be sent out with results.
  7. Members chat room.
  8. Live Help by appointment only. (closed chat tool for one on one help) EST Time Zone

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